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Brussels Tips #7

Cultural networks are strange animals 

Today BAM!, ENCATC, Marcel Hicter Foundation and Ask Research Center of Bocconi University met around this table in Brussels.

What is it about? The trigger of it has been the Study Tour 2012 which involves more than 30 researchers from the ASK Centre who are travelling right in these days around Europe to Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Paris. Each stop is an occasion to meet and collect interviews from scholars, intellectuals, policy makers, artists and cultural managers who will present their vision of the contemporary European scenario. The final result of this itinerant research will be a photography of European cultural policy reaction to the contemporary crisis. 

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Brussels Tips #6

Cultural democratisation means destabilisation..

Jean-Pierre Deru is the president of the Foundation Marcel Hicter, a cultural organisation born in 1980 in Bruxelles, just one year after the death of his inspirator. Marcel Hicter was a Walloon lecturer and politician who strongly sustained the ideal of the democratisation of culture between the ’50s and ’70s.

Yesterday at ENCATC, we interviewed Jean-Pierre, asking him to tell us about his Foundation history and activity. So I discovered that their main activity consists in the organisation of a training course for cultural professionals called the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. The Diploma is spread over a year-lenght and is organised into residential sessions, comparative studies and seminars, so that participant cultural managers can carry on with their daily activities.

Apart from cultural management issues, what most striked and amused me was Jean Pierre sharp irony and his passionate approach to culture as something that is meant to challenge and destabilse first, in order to create new and stronger equilibriums.

A BAM! cultural spy from Brussels

Brussels Tips #4


Not exactly a classical lunch break…

Bruxelles, Place Flagey, h 12.30

It’s time to have a break from working at my desk in ENCATC, but today it’s gonna be a special break.

A little bit of context first …

I am a BAM! special collaborator of ENACTC: a major European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education. ENCATC gathers together more than 120 Universities, Master Programmes and Training Centres specialized in cultural management. ENCATC’s office is in the Flagey building in Brussels, in an open space at the 5th floor, shared with other cultural organisations and networks.

First of all, I have to debunk a myth: when you think about European cultural networks you may imagine huge organisations, full of people and maybe with big offices divided into different departments….not exactly. We are four girls (this of girls power in the cultural network is not news) and we occupy a corner of a nice bureau partagé.

Ok, so as every day I have my half an hour break, but today is going to be a little longer and a little bit more “classic”.

Actually, one of the neighboring organisations in the Flagey building is the Brussels Philarmonic, which has invited us to go to what they call piknik music: one hour concert at the ground floor concert hall just to slow down your mind in the middle of a work day.

Mozart for lunch…so relaxing!

Isn’t it effective coworking? I guess so.

A BAM! cultural spy from Brussels

Brussels Tips #3

Whose turn is it?

This is Rue de la Loi (or Wetstraat), not far from my place in Brussels.

Here is where all, or most of the European Institutions are concentrated: Parliament, Commission, Council, DGs, Danish Presidency 2012….info points, I swear I have also seen a European Driving School. 

Every morning this street is completely jammed. Cars, autobuses, taxis, official or police cars, pedons and bicicles…everyone just scrambling for his turn.

Thinking about it…It is not so different from the game played inside those modern buildings and offices: it is still a game of priorities. 

A few days ago, speaking with a Cultural Manager in Brussels, working in one of the major cultural European networks, ENCATC, I asked which are the current EU priorities for culture (that means where EU pours economic resources for culture…).

She said “Mobility is no more a burning priority as it has been in the past, nay it is still a policy priority but not a funding priority any more. New words and themes are pulling the European Funding system. And they are: Cultural and Creative Industries, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Job creation.”

It seems that the turn for young and creative entrepreneurship has finally come…

A BAM! cultural spy from Brussels

Brussels Tips #1

BAM! in Brussels?

Brussels Tips is not a cooking column…it’s a new section of Indigestione Culturale, the BAM! blog, which will keep you updated on cultural news, events and suggestions from the very heart of Cultural Management.

Probably you are wondering how it comes that BAM! is also in Brussels now…it is just a matter of networking!

Bologna is our city, the territory we are born in and moving through, but professional growing for new entrepreneurship, especially in the cultural and creative sector, means being always up to date with international trends, exchanging and sharing practices and competencies with international partners.

That’s why BAM! has sent a special correspondent to Brussels, let’s say a “cultural spy” :) in the European scenario.

In particular, BAM! has started an experience of professional exchange with ENCATC, the leading European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education.

The collaboration is taking place within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, which represents a smart and effective tool to foster international mobility and networking among new and experienced businesses.

So let’s stay tuned for new Brussels Tips coming!

A BAM! cultural spy from Brussels