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Brussels Tips #6

Cultural democratisation means destabilisation..

Jean-Pierre Deru is the president of the Foundation Marcel Hicter, a cultural organisation born in 1980 in Bruxelles, just one year after the death of his inspirator. Marcel Hicter was a Walloon lecturer and politician who strongly sustained the ideal of the democratisation of culture between the ’50s and ’70s.

Yesterday at ENCATC, we interviewed Jean-Pierre, asking him to tell us about his Foundation history and activity. So I discovered that their main activity consists in the organisation of a training course for cultural professionals called the European Diploma in Cultural Project Management. The Diploma is spread over a year-lenght and is organised into residential sessions, comparative studies and seminars, so that participant cultural managers can carry on with their daily activities.

Apart from cultural management issues, what most striked and amused me was Jean Pierre sharp irony and his passionate approach to culture as something that is meant to challenge and destabilse first, in order to create new and stronger equilibriums.

A BAM! cultural spy from Brussels